Running after work

I always like to get my runs in before work.  I like the feeling of getting it over with early.  It frees up after-work time for other things and I feel accomplished before 7am.  Plus, I almost never want to go running at night, when I am already worn out from the day.

This morning, however, I was extra tired and felt like I needed an extra hour of sleep, so I hit the snooze and promised I would hit the road after work.

I was pretty tempted to skipping it when I got home from work (standard) buuuut there was a special package waiting for me in the mail:

My new Garmin!

I had to test it out, obviously, so I was feeling re-motivated.

I ended up doing a little under 6 miles through the park.  It was amazing how differently I ran when I knew my pace.

First of all, I went faster pretty consistently.  I think I had some satellite issues at first, because it was bouncing around between 10 minute and 7 minute miles, but it eventually evened out.  Here’s what my splits looked like:

Not surprisingly, I started out a bit too fast, and I was struggling to keep that pace by the end.  I usually don’t run quite that fast, so it was a good impromptu speed workout.

I’m really excited to see how the Garmin will impact the way I run going forward.  It nothing else, it will help me set some realistic goals and keep track of my progress.

And in other news, today was a truly beautiful day for a run in New York.  Now that Irene has come and gone, she left behind some great weather.  It was warm but not humid, and for the first time in a while the air felt crisp and fresh.  Makes me ready for fall!

I was too busy checking my Garmin to snap any pictures of the beautiful day, but I did snap this pic of my sweaty self once I got home (even without humidity, I managed to work up quite a sweat. success.)

lots of sweatiness goin on

So I am off to eat some leftovers from my hurricane supplies.  I hope everyone made it through Irene safely!

Do you have a Garmin? Does it change the way you run?  


12 miles pre-Irene

So, I was wrong about Irene.  She is actually coming to New York.

I was still thinking things wouldn’t be all that bad, but then they started evacuating people from Manhattan (in addition to numerous other places all along the east coast). That kinda got my attention.  And then Bloomberg announced that the entire transit system would shut down at noon today.  Considering that they have never done that before, I guess we should take Irene seriously.

Yesterday after work I went to the grocery store to get some water and food, just in case we lose power.  I guess a few other people had that idea, because the store was madness.

It’s the end of the world, apparently

I did manage to find some water and food eventually, so we should be set if we do actually lose power.

Like every other public event this weekend, the Bronx half was cancelled.  So I decided to get in my long run today.

Central Park was pretty crowded with everyone who had the same plan.  I think everyone was soaking up the fresh air before we half to lock ourselves in our apartments.

Total badass, obviously.

I did 12 miles through the park, and it was surprisingly hard.  I got started much later than I usually do and it was really, really humid.  The air was visibly thick, which makes perfect sense with a hurricane on the way, but I didn’t like it.

I really hate running in the humidity.  Where I come from, in Colorado, there is really no humidity at all.  Of course, you are a mile higher than New York, so it’s harder to run in the thin air, but it almost always humidity free.  So, this has been a huge change for me living in New York.

And I sweat. A lot. Some people say they sweat a lot, but I sweat A LOT.  So that’s fun. And attractive.  I have to beat the men off with a stick.

The run took me about 1:55.  I wasn’t really thinking about pace, I just wanted it to be over.

And now I’m back home, watching the news and prepping for some major rain and wind tonight.  We are prepared with all the essentials:

Yes, that would be an entire case of wine.

We also have some water and food, but the wine is the real essential, if you ask me.  But seriously, be safe this weekend.

Lazy cross training

This morning I had planned to do some cross training.  I’ll be honest, sometimes cross training days end up being rest-like days.

It also didn’t help that I felt like doing this today:


I managed to get out of bed and headed for the gym to do a bit of elliptical/bike work.  I ended up doing about 20 minutes of elliptical and 15 minutes on the bike, in addition to strength work.

I always watch the news at the gym, and today it was seriously all about Irene.  She is not slowing down.  There is a lot of talk about about how bad this is going to be and the precautions that are being taken.

News like this can’t help but make me think that this whole thing won’t be as bad as they are saying.  It seems like storms are never as bad when we are talking about how bad they will be.

Or, maybe it will be completely terrible.  I guess we will see on Sunday.  I genuinely hope it doesn’t end up being the worst case scenario.

Wow major tangent.  Back to training.

Sometimes my cross training days are really effective.  I’ll take a spin class or go swimming and actually get a quality workout.  But other times, like today, I feel like I am just going through the motions.

I know it’s something that I need to work on, because have solid cross training is just as important as having good runs.  Or so I’ve heard.

On a related note, I promised myself that I would do more yoga during training.  I haven’t gone to yoga in about a year.  Oops.

Yeah yeah, I know.  I’ll work on it.

What about you? Do you always have good cross training days? Or do you feel like you’re going through the motions sometimes?

Garmin Fail

So, I finally broke down and joined every other runner in the world by ordering a Garmin.  I bought the Forerunner 110 and was super excited when it arrived.  I immediately charged it and set it up, totally ready to accompany me on my morning run.

And then I put it on this morning.

It doesn’t work.  Just simply doesn’t work.


I called Garmin support, and although the guy on the phone was very nice, he couldn’t really offer any advice except to send it back.  Which I have now done.  All I have to say is this: if the replacement watch doesn’t work also, I am going to have some choice words for Garmin.

So I ventured out into my morning run Garmin-free. I sometimes use MapMyRun on my iPhone to get a better sense of distance and pace, but it’s not really the same as a Garmin because I don’t get a breakdown of my splits and it’s pretty temperamental.

Anyway, I can still manage. Especially since I have been running without a Garmin for, um, ever.

So I did a 6 mile loop through Central Park.  I took the first mile pretty slow and (tried) to pick it up a bit for the 4 miles in the park, with another slower mile on the way back to my apartment.

Did I accomplish this?  Can’t tell you.  I didn’t have a Garmin.

I can tell you that the whole thing took me somewhere around 54-55 minutes.  I’ll take it.

I’m not exactly the fastest runner.  I usually average somewhere between a 9 minute mile (on normal days) and 10 minute mile (on slower days and long runs).  But pace is not my main concern at the moment.  I am more concerned about building mileage in a way that will let me cross the finish line of a marathon without dying somewhere along the way.

It would be nice, however, to get a better handle on my pace, so I am kinda hoping that I get my replacement Forerunner before the Bronx half on Sunday. Anyone else running it? Of course, I’m assuming that Irene doesn’t completely ruin this race / the entire weekend, but she doesn’t exactly look gentle.

So that was all for today – a big fat Garmin fail. But Garmin or no Garmin, this isn’t exactly a bad way to start the day:

Well good morning, Bethesda Terrace

Has anyone else had a bad experience with a Garmin? What about a good one?  I wanna know!


Hellloooo blog-reading world!!!

If you can’t tell by the excessive exclamation points in the title, I’m pretty excited to be hopping on the blog bandwagon. (Note: When I wrote this blog title, I pictured Oprah reading it. Things just sound better when she says them, and even though she will never announce my name, a girl can dream.)

So, to give you some background about myself, I have basically decided to start this blog to document my (highly ambitious and slighly ridiculous) goal of running a marathon. I ran the New York half marathon in March of this year, and it was the longest and most awesome-est run I’ve been on. I took a good long break from racing after that, but I always knew that I wanted to complete a marathon at some point. I kept coming up with excuses in the past, but I finally bit the bullet and commmitted. If not now, when? right? I should mention that the half marathon was the only half I have ever done. I’m no expert, but I think it is usually recommended that you run at least a few half marathon’s before committing to a full. Oops.

At least I did acknowledge that this whole thing was slightly ridiculous. My goal for the marathon is simple: cross the finish line in one piece.  Stay tuned to see if it happens!