Hellloooo blog-reading world!!!

If you can’t tell by the excessive exclamation points in the title, I’m pretty excited to be hopping on the blog bandwagon. (Note: When I wrote this blog title, I pictured Oprah reading it. Things just sound better when she says them, and even though she will never announce my name, a girl can dream.)

So, to give you some background about myself, I have basically decided to start this blog to document my (highly ambitious and slighly ridiculous) goal of running a marathon. I ran the New York half marathon in March of this year, and it was the longest and most awesome-est run I’ve been on. I took a good long break from racing after that, but I always knew that I wanted to complete a marathon at some point. I kept coming up with excuses in the past, but I finally bit the bullet and commmitted. If not now, when? right? I should mention that the half marathon was the only half I have ever done. I’m no expert, but I think it is usually recommended that you run at least a few half marathon’s before committing to a full. Oops.

At least I did acknowledge that this whole thing was slightly ridiculous. My goal for the marathon is simple: cross the finish line in one piece.  Stay tuned to see if it happens!


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