Garmin Fail

So, I finally broke down and joined every other runner in the world by ordering a Garmin.  I bought the Forerunner 110 and was super excited when it arrived.  I immediately charged it and set it up, totally ready to accompany me on my morning run.

And then I put it on this morning.

It doesn’t work.  Just simply doesn’t work.


I called Garmin support, and although the guy on the phone was very nice, he couldn’t really offer any advice except to send it back.  Which I have now done.  All I have to say is this: if the replacement watch doesn’t work also, I am going to have some choice words for Garmin.

So I ventured out into my morning run Garmin-free. I sometimes use MapMyRun on my iPhone to get a better sense of distance and pace, but it’s not really the same as a Garmin because I don’t get a breakdown of my splits and it’s pretty temperamental.

Anyway, I can still manage. Especially since I have been running without a Garmin for, um, ever.

So I did a 6 mile loop through Central Park.  I took the first mile pretty slow and (tried) to pick it up a bit for the 4 miles in the park, with another slower mile on the way back to my apartment.

Did I accomplish this?  Can’t tell you.  I didn’t have a Garmin.

I can tell you that the whole thing took me somewhere around 54-55 minutes.  I’ll take it.

I’m not exactly the fastest runner.  I usually average somewhere between a 9 minute mile (on normal days) and 10 minute mile (on slower days and long runs).  But pace is not my main concern at the moment.  I am more concerned about building mileage in a way that will let me cross the finish line of a marathon without dying somewhere along the way.

It would be nice, however, to get a better handle on my pace, so I am kinda hoping that I get my replacement Forerunner before the Bronx half on Sunday. Anyone else running it? Of course, I’m assuming that Irene doesn’t completely ruin this race / the entire weekend, but she doesn’t exactly look gentle.

So that was all for today – a big fat Garmin fail. But Garmin or no Garmin, this isn’t exactly a bad way to start the day:

Well good morning, Bethesda Terrace

Has anyone else had a bad experience with a Garmin? What about a good one?  I wanna know!



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