12 miles pre-Irene

So, I was wrong about Irene.  She is actually coming to New York.

I was still thinking things wouldn’t be all that bad, but then they started evacuating people from Manhattan (in addition to numerous other places all along the east coast). That kinda got my attention.  And then Bloomberg announced that the entire transit system would shut down at noon today.  Considering that they have never done that before, I guess we should take Irene seriously.

Yesterday after work I went to the grocery store to get some water and food, just in case we lose power.  I guess a few other people had that idea, because the store was madness.

It’s the end of the world, apparently

I did manage to find some water and food eventually, so we should be set if we do actually lose power.

Like every other public event this weekend, the Bronx half was cancelled.  So I decided to get in my long run today.

Central Park was pretty crowded with everyone who had the same plan.  I think everyone was soaking up the fresh air before we half to lock ourselves in our apartments.

Total badass, obviously.

I did 12 miles through the park, and it was surprisingly hard.  I got started much later than I usually do and it was really, really humid.  The air was visibly thick, which makes perfect sense with a hurricane on the way, but I didn’t like it.

I really hate running in the humidity.  Where I come from, in Colorado, there is really no humidity at all.  Of course, you are a mile higher than New York, so it’s harder to run in the thin air, but it almost always humidity free.  So, this has been a huge change for me living in New York.

And I sweat. A lot. Some people say they sweat a lot, but I sweat A LOT.  So that’s fun. And attractive.  I have to beat the men off with a stick.

The run took me about 1:55.  I wasn’t really thinking about pace, I just wanted it to be over.

And now I’m back home, watching the news and prepping for some major rain and wind tonight.  We are prepared with all the essentials:

Yes, that would be an entire case of wine.

We also have some water and food, but the wine is the real essential, if you ask me.  But seriously, be safe this weekend.


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