Running after work

I always like to get my runs in before work.  I like the feeling of getting it over with early.  It frees up after-work time for other things and I feel accomplished before 7am.  Plus, I almost never want to go running at night, when I am already worn out from the day.

This morning, however, I was extra tired and felt like I needed an extra hour of sleep, so I hit the snooze and promised I would hit the road after work.

I was pretty tempted to skipping it when I got home from work (standard) buuuut there was a special package waiting for me in the mail:

My new Garmin!

I had to test it out, obviously, so I was feeling re-motivated.

I ended up doing a little under 6 miles through the park.  It was amazing how differently I ran when I knew my pace.

First of all, I went faster pretty consistently.  I think I had some satellite issues at first, because it was bouncing around between 10 minute and 7 minute miles, but it eventually evened out.  Here’s what my splits looked like:

Not surprisingly, I started out a bit too fast, and I was struggling to keep that pace by the end.  I usually don’t run quite that fast, so it was a good impromptu speed workout.

I’m really excited to see how the Garmin will impact the way I run going forward.  It nothing else, it will help me set some realistic goals and keep track of my progress.

And in other news, today was a truly beautiful day for a run in New York.  Now that Irene has come and gone, she left behind some great weather.  It was warm but not humid, and for the first time in a while the air felt crisp and fresh.  Makes me ready for fall!

I was too busy checking my Garmin to snap any pictures of the beautiful day, but I did snap this pic of my sweaty self once I got home (even without humidity, I managed to work up quite a sweat. success.)

lots of sweatiness goin on

So I am off to eat some leftovers from my hurricane supplies.  I hope everyone made it through Irene safely!

Do you have a Garmin? Does it change the way you run?  


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