9/11 and a new distance record

On 9/11/2001,  I was in high school, in Denver, and at that time New York felt like a world away. Though I knew what had happened was very, very awful, I didn’t really understand the full extent of it.

But now, ten years later, I have found myself living in New York, and the direct impacts of that day are much more visible.

I set out for a long run this morning with lots of thoughts about 9/11 in my head.  I ended up running down the West Side and ended up all the way downtown, where the 9/11 ceremony was taking place and where the new 1WTC building is already taller than most of those in the area.

Cheesy as this may sound,  I got to thinking that I am very proud to live in this city, and in this country.

My run, on the other hand, did not make me feel so good.  I ran 15 miles, which is officially the longest distance I have ever gone.  But it was hard. And slow. Like, really slow.

Honestly, these splits make me kinda mad.  I basically never run miles over 10 minutes, and prefer to be much closer to a 9 minute mile (or under it), but I knew I had to go slow to get the distance in.  At mile 12 I stopped to refill my water bottle and stretch, and I forgot to stop my Garmin. I also used the last mile as a cool down to shake out a bit, hence that 11:28 pace.

I have been in quite a running rut, so I kinda expected to struggle a bit.  But I managed to finish, which is really the only important thing.

My complaining about being slow feels trivial on this day, so I am going to let it go. Time to go reflect watch some football  🙂


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