Why am I training for a marathon again?

That’s the question I ask myself almost every single time my alarm goes off.

I usually spend a few minutes having a mental fight in my own head, where I convince myself that this whole running thing is stupid, that no normal person should be up 5:30am, or that I can always just do the run after work.

Luckily, this morning I was able to remind myself that running isn’t stupid, that maybe normal people are not up at 5:30am but runners aren’t normal, and that I never, ever want to do the run after work.

I hit the road for a very very sweaty 4.5 miles.  It was super humid, and given the rain we’ve been having I really shouldn’t be surprised, but it certainly didn’t make my run easier.

It has been taking my Garmin forever to find satellite signal these days.  I am incredibly impatient and decided to just start running while it was still searching, and I ended up covering about a mile when it finally found reception.

These are my splits after the initial Garmin-free mile:

I was definitely trying to push the pace, and I am pretty happy with how they look. But then, my Garmin died.  The time searching for the satellite can be blamed on the Garmin, but the inability to properly charge it before my run has to be blamed on me. Oops.  So I also did a bit over a mile after this.

All in all, this was a pretty good run.  I was nice and sweaty when I got home and I pushed hard.

So now I am refueling with a chocolate chip muffin that I made on Monday.  With peanut butter on top, of course.

dessert for breakfast!

There is nothing like eating chocolate in the morning.


8 thoughts on “Why am I training for a marathon again?

  1. ugh, it was SO humid this morning! Enough already! I am so ready for fall. But nice running! My Garmin has been more wonk than usual lately too. Maybe it’s the satellites in NYC? hmm

  2. I am available for future muffin consumption, as needed, in order to help you with that part of your training. Also, I just read every post of the blog, from my cubicle. Keep up with the great work, so I can keep up with the procrastination of mine. Thanks.

    Also, will you need to carbo load at some point? That’s like, a thing, right? Because I can clear my schedule to help with that part of your training too.

    • thanks for your genorisity dave. the carbo loading is actually a very crucial part of my training, so i will be sure to keep you in the loop when i need help in that area.

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