Only 12 miles?

When did 12 miles become “only 12 miles”? I don’t know exactly, but 12 miles was my plan for today.

I slept in pretty late, feeling the need for extra rest, and finally got out the door around 8:30. The park was packed. Today is the 5th Avenue Mile, so there were tons of people around. I stopped for a bit to watch some of the action, and it looks like a fun one. I’ll have to put it on the bucket list.

Anyway, once I actually started running, I remembered that 12 miles is really far.  I guess I had forgotten.  It certainly did not feel like “only 12.”

It was hard.  And it was humid.  Really, really humid.  I realize that I often complain about the humidity, but I really hate it so I am going to continue complaining.  Probably forever, so you all can get used to it.

I swear everything was harder about this run.  I was slower, the air was thicker, my legs weighed more.  Also, my water bottle actually felt heavy.  It never feels heavy.  I carried the same thing last week for 16 miles and hardly noticed it, but this week I swear it was carrying some extra weights or something:

damn you heavy Nathan's!

I was also trying to save up some energy at the beginning of this run and work on the whole negative splitting thing.  I sorta did that.  A little bit.  Naturally, I started too fast, but once I realized it I slowed down.  After a couple slower miles I started to pick it up again:

But then, I hit Harlem hill.  Stupid Harlem Hill.  It really slowed me down, as you can see.  I should really focus more of my workouts on hills.

But for now, oh well.  I got the run finished.  I am surprised at how hard it was, especially since I have had really solid runs that were much longer than this, and because I have run a half marathon in only a few minutes longer than this.

That’s just how it goes sometimes, though.  And I know that.  The good runs are only good because you have to get through the hard ones also.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

And now it’s time to enjoy the weekend.  Have a good one!


2 thoughts on “Only 12 miles?

  1. Nice running! It was SO HUMID yesterday. I suffered on my long run too. My “only” 16 miles felt like 50. At least this will hopefully be the last of the gnarly summer weather!!

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