Running in new places

Long time no blog, again.  I know.  I’m gonna work on it.


This past weekend I ending up going to Pennsylvania to visit my family.  It was a last minute trip, so I didn’t have much time to map out my running plan.  I knew that I wanted to run about 15 miles for my long run, but that was it.

I didn’t know where I would run.  I had somewhat of an idea, but not really.  I have spent some time running there in the past, but never for 15 miles, so I was basically running in a general area and direction that I thought would work.

I also didn’t have the comforts of my usual pre-run food, usual water fountains and usual bathrooms.  None of this really hit me until I woke up on Saturday morning.  I had a mini freak out, but then I managed to get some solid pre-run food from my parents’ pantry and checked out Map My Run before I left.  Crisis averted.

As it turns out, I managed just fine in a location that was not Central Park.  I have always like running in new places because it’s a great way to explore, and this weekend reminded me of that.

Would you like to see the sights from central Pennsylvania?

green fields!

more green fields!

Exciting, huh?  It was actually really beautiful and very peaceful.  Quite the contrast from the crowds of Central Park.

True Story: I didn’t see a single other runner the entire time I was out there.  I did see this guy though:

cow! he is there behind the fence, I swear.

Yep. Just me and the cows.  It was pretty cold and raining periodically, so I’m sure I would have seen a few people had the conditions been better, but it was very strange to be the only one out there running. But like I said, it was also peaceful.

All this made me realize that it’s actually great (and important) to switch things up and run in new places.  As much as I am used to the routine of my Saturday mornings in Central Park, races don’t always happen there.  So I gotta get used to doing things differently sometimes.  And plus, it’s nice to see the family every once in a while 🙂


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