I ran 18 miles

Well, I started out fine. I was up at 5am on another Saturday and on the road by 6. Although as it turns out, it is getting harder and harder for me to gather all my crap for the long runs.  I was getting everything together and it suddenly turned into this huge pile:

water bottle, chomps, gus, garmin, ipod holder, and body glide (which I didn't actually bring with me on the run, but its a very crucial step in the process)

I looked down at this and had to take a picture to document it.  Also, there is no need to comment on my stellar photography skills. I already know.

The first few miles of the run felt great.  I was cruising and confident.

But then, things changed.  My stomach suddenly started to get upset.  That almost never happens to me on runs, so I was afraid it was a hydration issue.

I had been drinking plenty and had already had a gu, so I really don’t think my hydration was the problem (although, the wine the night before probably didn’t help on that front). The truth is, my stomach had been a little off all week.  Everyone in my office has been really sick and I was thinking I was getting it, so I am going to say that was the problem.

Whatever the cause of my stomach problem, though, it really slowed me down. The splits are too annoying for me to even properly look at.

I considered quitting about 100 times, but I knew I would be really really mad at myself if I did that.  So I pushed through it.  It was pretty ugly. I am sure I even had a few miles that were getting awfully close to 11 minutes.

This fact makes me even harder considering that my run on Thursday last week had several miles that were sub 8:00 minutes.

But I digress.  Once I finally managed to make it home, I really wanted to take an ice bath. Then I remembered that I live in Manhattan and I don’t have a bathtub. So I did the next best thing:

my legs look weird.

I iced my legs with frozen peas.  (Again, no need to compliment my photography skills.) The frozen pea method actually worked pretty well, because I really didn’t have any soreness. I also spent a good long time on the painful and wonderful foam roller,  which definitely helped ease some additional stiffness.

All in all, I’m glad I didn’t quit when I wanted to on this run, even though it was super slow and uncomfortable.  Because now I can say that I have run 18 miles, which is pretty awesome.

This blog is quickly becoming just a weekly recap of my long run, but as it turns out there is much more to training than that, so I am going to work on writing about other things as well. Like I said last week, it’s a work in progress!


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