Cat Hill versus Harlem Hill

Running hills is a tricky beast for me. I usually really hate them. A lot. Which is, of course, why I also love them.

Luckily (and unluckily) for me, Central Park is full of several lovely hills.  Harlem Hill is the biggest hill in the park, but it’s Cat Hill that always ends up being the hardest for me.

For all your non-Central Park runners, Harlem hill is named for its location within the park, but Cat Hill is named for this little statue that meanly taunts you as you are desperately climbing toward the top:

See? She is taunting you!

I ended up staring at her a few times today, because I did roughly three repeats on the hills in this stretch while pushing my pace.

Fun fact: Cat Hill, which evil on the way up, is really fun on the way down.

Hence, I really hate hills, but I also really love hills.

I did a mile of warm up and a mile of cool down, but here is what my hill repeats looked like:

I am fine with the way these ended up. Although, I am still definitely fighting off some sort of cold and spent a good portion of the morning wiping snot off my face, coughing and choking for air.  You are welcome for that visual.

On a happier note, the trees in Central Park are finally changing color, which is truly a sight to be seen.  I will do my best to capture some of that soon.  But, as we have established here, my photography skills are not exactly professional level (especially considering that I always take these photos with my iPhone), so try not to hope for too much 🙂


3 thoughts on “Cat Hill versus Harlem Hill

  1. Your visual are great….love to think of the nose problem and then the joy of running down hill for a little while. Keep up the fantastic work and remember to be proud of what you are accomplishing! Love you lots and lots!

  2. I’m glad you posted about hills! I am looking to do more hill training in the city. How long would you say it takes to go up either hill? I have a short hill that I run up for training but am looking for a longer one, or one that will take around 2-3 mins.

    • Cat Hill is pretty short and doesn’t take long, but Harlem Hill is much longer and definitely takes a few minutes. If you want to get in a longer hill workout, it is a great place to go. Good luck!

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