All sorts of new pains

I have been procrastinating this post because I am not very happy with how things have gone for the past few days.

Yesterday I set out with the plan of either running 17 or 20 miles.  Sounds like a solid and specific plan, right? Yeaaaaah.

The option to run 17 miles was the responsible one, which would bring down my mileage for the week.  I have been increasing for the past few weeks, so the prudent thing to do would be to decrease my long run distance.

But then option 2, running 20 miles, was my other (real) goal. See, I want to get in 20 miles twice before I run the marathon, and as that date approaches, my weekends to do so are also diminishing.  The plan that I am following (or roughly following, sorta.) only has one 20 miler, which doesn’t seem like enough to me.  So, I really wanted to get in 20 miles yesterday.

Instead, I ended up doing 18.5 miles. Not the lowered 17 miles, which would help me preserve my body healthily, but also not the full 20 miles, which would have really pushed myself.

There is a very fine line between pushing yourself and listening to yourself.

The run started pretty normal, with me waking up at 5am at setting out for Central Park. Remember how I said I would snap some photos of the beautiful changing trees?  Yeah I didn’t do that. It was really beautiful though.

Pretty, huh? I didn't take the photo, but I swear it is this amazing.


Last week I basically just spent the whole 2.5 hours running around and around Central Park, so I figured this week I would venture out to other parts of the City.

I pretty much ran around the entire island of Manhattan:

I honestly didn’t think I would ever be able to do that.  It’s pretty amazing that New York has made (almost) the entire perimeter of the city runner-friendly.  I was surrounded by other walkers, bikers and runners the whole time, and it was a truly beautiful day for any such activity.

But the truth is, I was hurting my the end of this one.  My 18 miles last week were hard, but after I got home and stretched/iced, I felt much better.

Not so this week.  I was in pain, and it was pain that I am not used to. Soreness is something that I have gotten accustomed to from time to time with runs, but yesterday there were all sorts of new pains goin on.  Like the one behind my ankle.  Or the one on the top of my foot.  Or the tightness in my hips.  I don’t think any of it is serious, but it’s still not exactly something I want to mess around with.

I wish I would have had the ability to think ahead and stop myself at the lower mileage. (Or, truthfully, I wish I would have just pushed through the past mile and a half.)

As usual, my pace was very slow.  But I have decided to just forget about pace on my long runs, so I am not going to get mad at myself and pick apart my splits.

Today I went to the gym to run a few very slow recovery miles, and I was still in pain.  Not good.  I came home and iced my legs with frozen peas for the second day in a row, which helped a little, but I am still not feeling so great.

I am definitely going to have to back off a bit in order to recover some more. I can’t say that I am not pissed about this little turn of events.  But, I refuse to let this really slow me down. We will have to see how that goes over the next few days!


One thought on “All sorts of new pains

  1. Bummer boop. By tomorrow I think you will be feeling well. How about a hot shower and then some more stretching. Love you lots.

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