All about November 20th

So I am running a marathon on November 20th.  This much I have said.

But I haven’t really talked about how I came to the decision to run a marathon in the first place, let alone the decision to run the Philadelphia Marathon.

The truth is, I have always wanted to run a marathon.  I grew up playing sports that involved running, and a marathon seemed like a great bucket-list type goal that I would accomplish as an adult.

Then this summer, I suddenly realized that I am an adult.  When did that happen?  I don’t know exactly, but I figured that if I don’t start accomplishing some goals, I may never even get started.

Still, a marathon is a huge goal that takes months and months of training. So, late this summer I signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon with the intention of switching my registration to the half marathon.  This way I could train for a while and see how I felt, but I knew that the half marathon would be the smart race to choose.

But then the half marathon filled up, before I ever got the chance to switch my registration. Oops.  So, suddenly, I was running a full marathon.

It took me a while to even tell anyone about this development.  I guess I was scared to say it out loud, because acknowledging it meant that I might fail.

The way I am feeling about my training progress is a whole different issue, one that I will address in another post, but for now I am at least committed to finishing this race. No matter what.

In the mean time, the race website has made it very easy for me to see exactly how many more days I have to freak out until the big day:


That is very soon.  Very. Soon.

It’s crazy that I have spent the past several months training for one day.  That seems like quite a gamble, and there are so many factors that are out of control.  Like the weather.  It was rainy on my run this morning (5.75 miles, average pace of 9:05), and I realized that I could end up running a whole marathon in the rain.  Or in the snow.

That would be fun.  Or maybe not.

So now that I have gotten myself freaked out about weather, I will leave you for the day. Stay dry out there.


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