Guess who ran 20 miles?

I did! I did! I did!  Can you believe it?  I can’t, but it’s true.  20 Miles.

I was feeling a bit nervous about this run, but I had myself convinced that I would finish 20 miles no matter what.  No excuses.

So in anticipation of this feat, last night I had a delicious carby dinner and was in bed before 10. Marathon training has made me SO cool.  Although in all honestly, I don’t usually do much on Friday nights anyway.  But I will still blame the marathon.

This morning my alarm went off bright and early at 5:30am, and I spent a few minutes giving myself a pep-talk before I could actually turn on the lights and get up.

I wanted to practice as much of the the pre-race routine that I will use on November 20th. I had my standard breakfast of peanut butter on toast with a giant cup of coffee on the side. Then there were lots of sexy activities like applying body glide everywhere imaginable and using the bathroom 15 times.

After almost an hour of these lovely rituals, I made it out the door.  As some of you may know, the weather is less than ideal here in the Northeast.  But at 6:30am today, it wasn’t even really raining yet.

So I spent a blissful hour in the Park of mainly rain-free running.  Then the rain arrived. And it arrived hard.

But I kept going.

No, of course I didn't take this picture. But it sums up exactly the way I feel about running.

I am no longer worried about the weather in Philadelphia.  I ran the majority of 20 miles in gross wind and rain, and it didn’t slow me down all that much.

My plan was to do about a loop and a half in the park and then venture onto the west side drive.  But then, I had completed almost 2 full loops, and I decided that I would just run 3 loops and then add on a bit at the very end to finish the 20 miles.

So basically, my run was very repetitive.  I ran a lot of miles, but I didn’t really go anywhere. Weirdly, the repetition didn’t bother me.  Usually I hate doing multiple loops, but today I was fine with it.

Round and round Central Park

I ate a Gu at mile 5, mile 11 and mile 16.  I have to remind myself to do this, because usually by mile 5 I am not feeling any special desire to down a weird semi-liquid gu out of a packet.  But they really are important, and I felt pretty sustained when I took them about every 50 minutes.

There were plenty of times during today’s run when I felt tired or sore.  But I knew quitting wasn’t an option, which is the secret to getting it done, if you ask me.

I also have a tendency to look down when I run, rather then ahead, which means that I always manage to miss other people I know.  Several people have told me they saw me on the road, but I never manage to see them.  Today I saw my friend Kim, but only after she had said “hey” several times.  I was also at mile 15 and not very articulate, so it was not the best mid-run meeting.  But it was still awesome to see a friendly face.

This is 100% how I feel:

So you are welcome, Kim.  I know I looked good.  (Also: can you tell that I spent the morning googling running photos?  Yeah the rain didn’t exactly make it easy to take pictures.)

Before I knew it, I had finished 20 miles.  I don’t know if I ever thought that would be possible.  I was tired and sore when I got home, but that’s nothing that some frozen peas and nutritious post-run hydration won’t fix:

What? Is it not normal to drink a beer at 11am?

And now it is actually snowing here.  I’m glad I finished my run before that arrived, because now I can lay around on my couch and drink more beer.   I hope the snow doesn’t ruin any Halloween plans.  I personally have an awesome costume, and I will wear it no matter what. (In case you care, my friends and I are being the motorcycle gang from Sons of Anarchy, aka the best show on TV. Seriously.)

I am really proud that I was able to get this done.  20 miles is the most I will run before the Big Day, and now I will officially start my taper period.  3 weeks to go!


3 thoughts on “Guess who ran 20 miles?

  1. I’ve never been more impressed by your determination than I was on Saturday when you returned home from your rainy/snowy 20 mile run while I was still in bed ordering myself a disgusting breakfast sandwich. You deserved that beer my friend.

    And our costumes were awesome.

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