How marathon training has changed me

Before I started training for a marathon, I had heard stories of all the fun things that can happen to your mind and to your body by the time you finish. Several people had also told me that the whole process tends to take over your life, but I didn’t really believe it.

I was wrong.

First of all, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on running clothes and gear. Whoever said running is cheap (me, in the past) is wrong.

Things I have bought that I didn’t have before marathon training include: a Garmin, a spibelt, a foam roller, new running shoes, numerous Gu packets, countless Nuun tablets, several new shirts and shorts/capris, lots of new socks, and a pair Yurbuds.

FYI, Yurbuds are awesome earphones that stay put, no matter what.  This may be hard to believe, but when you are sweating for over 3 hours, your earphones can fall out of your ears.  Yurbuds don’t do that. They stayed in place during my entire 20 miler in the rain.

These new purchases are now taking up the majority of my small bedroom:

Three pairs of running shoes. I rotate and use them all.

My wonderful foam roller. It hurts so good.

In addition to all of this new stuff, there have been a lot of other changes.  Especially to my body. Here is just a little sampling of fun things that have happened:

  • My feet are disgusting.  Like really, really disgusting.  I will spare you a picture, so you will just have to trust me.  Yes, I have already lost one toenail, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I lose another.  I know this really grosses some people out, but it honestly doesn’t bother me too much.  It’s easier without that toenail.
  • My leg muscles are bigger.  I can tell a difference when I put on some on my jeans and boots.  I am not surprised at all by this development, and I don’t really mind it.
  • I haven’t really been weighing myself, because I want to eat based on fueling rather than the scale, but I can tell you that I have not lost weight.  I don’t think I have put on very much either, but I do know that I have added a couple pounds of muscle.
  • I have obviously been hungrier.  I have finally gotten used to dealing with my hunger and knowing the best way to deal with it (lots of protein, eating often).  In the past I only ran to eat, but I am finally understanding how to eat to run. Though, I will never, ever be someone who gives up candy or wine or any of the other delicious treats I enjoy.

I’m sure you are all glad that you now know that much about my body.  I got to thinking about all of these things during my run this morning (splits below), but I am sure I am missing lots of other gross changes.  Don’t worry, I will keep you updated!


2 thoughts on “How marathon training has changed me

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Running is fairly inexpensive if you do it as a hobby. And then eventually it become your life and you want/need everything out there. I’m actually looking to buy a Garmin – which one do have / how do you like it? I’m also planning to look into the headphones you mentioned, I don’t always run with music, but maybe if I know my earbuds will stay in place I’ll like it more! Anyway, good luck with the race!! 🙂

    • Hi Jenina! I have the Garmin Forerunner 110, which I love. Sometimes I get frustrated when it takes time to find satellite reception, but that’s bound to happen with any type of watch like this. It’s really easy to use and it has totally changed the way I run, so I highly recommend it! I got mine on Amazon, which you should check out, because they have the best prices.
      And totally look into the Yurbuds! Like I said, they didn’t budge in during my 20 miler, during which I sweated heavily and got rained on like crazy. Keep it up!

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